Andes Open Source

With open source software’s significant growth of market share in embedded systems, its importance to embedded chip and system companies can no longer be denied. Combining open source software with technology development becomes a new and successful trend in the embedded world. Through the community and industry's interaction, open source software reaches the stability and possesses the powerful features.

Andes Technology has been designing open source based development tools for AndesCore™ CPU families, supporting AndeStar™ 32-bit architecture, referred to as NDS32. With this Andes Open Source Resources website, Andes Technology is contributing what we got from the open source community back to the community for free download.

For Andes Open Source Development Kit (OSDK)

The most up-to-date versions from each project's source repository or source packages from this page will replace the previous Andes OSDK. The prebuilt binary package is no longer available.

Please refer to the following for details.

Compiler and Toolchain

Standard Libraries

Debugging Tools

  • gdb

  • OpenOCD
    • Available in OpenOCD repository since version 0.8.0
    • JTAG adapter "AICE" and debug target "NDS32" are supported.
    • Please refer to OpenOCD official site or its source repository in
Real-time OS

  • FreeRTOS
    • Version 8.0 available from Andes. You may get this from latest AndeSight or BSP packages.
    • Please contact us for source and details. Technical support:

  • eCos 3.0
    • Version 3.0 available from Andes.
    • Please contact us for source and details. Technical support:
Linux and Related Utilities

  • Linux kernel
    • Available since version 4.17. Ref: Linux 4.17 Sees Port To Andes NDS32 CPU Architecture.
    • Linux/Andes is a ported Linux to AndeStar™ ISA V3 architecture processors. Version 2.6.32 (with AndeStar™ ISA V2 support) and version 3.10 (with AndeStar™ ISA V3 support) are available in BSP packages.
    • Please contact us for source and details. Technical support:

  • U-Boot
    • Available since v2011.12
    • Support AndeStar™ in U-Boot repository architecture processors (AndesCore™ N10, D10, N13, D15(F), N25/NX25 families), platform IPs (AG101P, AE300, AE350) and development boards (AndeShape™ ADP-XC5 and ADP-XC7).
    • See U-Boot Source Code for source package and details.

  • OpenWrt
    • Contribution ongoing
    • Please contact us for source and details. Technical support:


Technical documentation, like AndesCore™ product brief, AndeStar™ Instruction Set Architecture manuals, AndeSight™ user manuals and release notes, BSP user manuals and release notes, and Andes Programming Guide, can be downloaded from Andes documentation.